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About carestockroom

Over 80% of the businesses that provide care to people in their homes and in residential settings are small and led by women. is designed for you; the leaders we entrust our care to at the most vulnerable periods of our lives.

Leaders who are juggling the delivery of outstanding care with managing and administering the business… not enough hands on deck and not enough hours in the day… and despite it all, bringing hope, respect, reassurance and human warmth to the people in their care.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring all the products and expert advice you need to one place, making it fast and easy to source, compare and order everything from PPE to photocopy paper, mattresses to thermometers, cutlery to hoists… absolutely everything (including the kitchen sink).

The Only Care Sector Marketplace

We do this by being the only marketplace specialising in the care sector everyone else is a wholesaler. We're free to bring you the greatest choice across the broadest range of products.

We can't do what you do

Those everyday miracles, so often unseen but that make the world of difference. But we can give you back time. So that the important stuff caring for customers, leading and developing your teams, spending time with family, staying healthy gets more of the 1440 minutes in your day.

Not all things are best done fast and easy.
But doing the ordering?
Well, that most definitely should be.

If you'd like to find out more about, please get in touch with co-founders Mindy and Lesley

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