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About carestockroom

carestockroom was founded by Lesley Lindberg and Mindy Sawhney because we felt something wrong needed putting right. The small care businesses that are the lifeblood of our social care system get a poor deal - a poor deal on products, a poor deal on services and they often struggle to find the kinds of hands-on, practical advice to help them get their services on to a secure financial footing.

After long careers spanning social care, e-commerce, small business support and digital transformation, we decided to do something practical to help smaller care businesses get a fair deal.

We were inspired by the choice and convenience of Amazon and by the values and community support of Mumsnet. carestockroom harnesses the power of both to meet the specific needs of care leaders for products, services and peer advice.

Shop better with carestockroom

One stop shop

We have gathered together specialist manufacturers and suppliers so you can buy the brands you trust directly from them. You can compare pricing and availability on everything from PPE to photocopy paper, mattresses to thermometers, cutlery to hoists… absolutely everything (including the kitchen sink). You can add it all to a single basket and make a single payment.

Buy direct

Only manufacturers and suppliers with a demonstrable track record of serving the health and care sectors can join the carestockroom seller community. All of our sellers are product experts and can help you make the right choice for your service and budget. Alongside global brand leaders like Beewsift, Rocialle, Etac and Unigloves, we are also delighted to have a large number of smaller family firms that rank among the best in their fields like ProtectUs, Harfield Tableware and Hillcross Die-Pat.

Free monthly cashback scheme

We know that your monthly spend varies and that Cash is King.  That’s why we reward your spend each month.  It’s simple: the more you spend in a month, the more you save.   Open to anyone who spends from £2,000 in any single month. The cash you earn is put straight into your carestockroom wallet each month to spend in-store, when you want, on what you want.  No complicated contract, no waiting until year-end, no weasley small print. Just rewards the way we like them - fast and easy! You’ll find more info on the UK’s only monthly cashback scheme for businesses here.

Secure payments and Credit Accounts

Your payment is handled through our partners PayPal and Stripe for Visa, Mastercard and AmEx. We never see your payment details so you can shop knowing your account details are protected. If you would like to pay via a Bank Transfer or to talk to us about setting up a Credit Account please drop us a line here 

Digital and human

We are blessed to work with a community of sellers who are passionate about providing a quality product and service to care customers. We know that the digital option can make your shopping quicker, easier, cheaper and more enjoyable. But when things go wrong, you need a real human to step in and sort it out - that’s us! On the rare occasion that things are not as they should be, we are women on a mission to put it right…and we don’t give up until it is. 

And lastly…..

Over 80% of the businesses that provide care to people in their homes and in residential settings are small and led by women. 

Leaders who are juggling the delivery of outstanding care with managing and administering the business… not enough hands on deck and not enough hours in the day… and despite it all, bringing hope, respect, reassurance and human warmth to the people in their care.

We can’t do what you do. Those everyday miracles, so often unseen but that make the world of difference. But we can give you back a little more time, a little more control. So that the important stuff - caring for customers, leading and developing your teams, spending time with family, staying healthy gets more of the 1440 minutes in your day.

Not all things are best done fast and easy.
But doing the ordering?
Well, that most definitely should be.

If you'd like to find out more about, please get in touch with co-founders Mindy and Lesley

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