My carestockroom cash


Welcome to My carestockroom cash, the only monthly cashback scheme offered to care businesses in the UK!

We know that your monthly spend varies and that Cash is King.  That’s why we reward your spend each month.  

It’s simple: the more you spend in a month, the more you save.   Open to anyone who spends from £2,000 in any single month. 


The cash you earn is put straight into your carestockroom wallet each month to spend in-store, when you want, on what you want.  

No complicated contract.  No waiting until year-end. 

No haggling. No weasley small print. No hassle.

Just rewards the way we like them - fast and easy!


My carestockroom cash

2% cash rebate

4% cash rebate

6% cash rebate

When you spend between £2,000 and £4,999 in the month

When you spend between £5,000 and £12,499 in the month

When you spend over £12,500 in the month


And if you already have preferential products and pricing from a supplier you trust, we can work with them to bring them onto

So you can shop their products at your agreed prices available only to you via your online profile. 

That means you get all the benefits of being able to compare products and prices across the market, and still choose to shop your current great deals AND earn up to 6% cashback!

Drop us a line at if you would like us to set this up.


How it works

You’ll be glad to know that the only thing you have to do is register your account on and sign up to receive email communication - everything else happens automatically.

These are the steps:

  1. Register your account on Here is the link that takes you right to the page  
  2. Shop as frequently as you like during the month. We keep track of all your purchases and total them at the end of the month
  3. We calculate how much carestockroom cash you've earned in the month, and at the end of the month we pop it straight into your carestockroom wallet
  4. At checkout, you’ll get the option to use the cash in your carestockroom wallet. Just enter the amount you want to spend in the dedicated box. That’s it!


Now, there are no sneaky conditions like having to stand on one leg with a llama under your arm…. but there are a few terms and conditions we need to share with you and you’ll find them all here.

  • It’s free to participate in My carestockroom cash 
  • Participants must be over 18 years of age 
  • The My carestockroom cash scheme is open to anyone - business or individual buyer
  • Certain spend thresholds apply starting at a minimum of £2,000 in a month. These are always clearly stated on our website
  • We may vary these spend thresholds. If we do, we will let you know in advance
  • All Product types are currently included, except Electronics. Other  Product Types may be excluded in the future and we will notify you in advance in case of any  changes
  • The products of all carestockroom sellers qualify for the cash back scheme (with the exception of Electronics as noted above).  We reserve the right to exclude some sellers in the future.  These may vary, but buyers will be notified
  • Qualifying spend excludes shipping & VAT
  • Purchases made with your wallet credits do not qualify
  • Credits  are deposited into your carestockroom wallet within 7 working days of the last day of the previous month
  • Rebate varies by month in line with your spend
  • Buyers can link accounts to include all orders placed from multiple sites and users within a single organisation
  • The 1st of the month represents a new period for the monthly criteria to apply
  • The cash rebate in your wallet can only be spent on 
  • The cash rebate in your wallet can be used to pay in full or in part for products available on the marketplace
  • Cash earned is non-transferable to another company or individual
  • The buyer is responsible for all transactions made on their account
  • If you return or cancel an order, the value of that order will not count as part of your qualifying spend 
  • Where the refund or cancellation brings your spending under the monthly threshold, your cashback will be adjusted accordingly 
  • Buyers are responsible for keeping their user ID and passwords confidential
  • carestockroom reserve the right to terminate a My carestockroom cash at our discretion, and monies owed will be paid to the buyer, unless in the case of insolvency of either party
  • Buyers consent to receiving transactional, commercial, service and marketing communication sent electronically by us
  • Credits in your carestockroom wallet are valid for 2 years from the date of deposit into your wallet.